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ACSIOR Ltd. is a 100% private company founded in 1991. President of the company is Mr. Plamen Tchiripov.

ACSIOR offers total IT solutions based on computers sales and software development of professional applications. The company specializes in developing complex information systems.
ACSIOR provides consultations, analysis and design of customized software applications on demand. The company implements and maintains software packages of leading companies with applications in the areas of banking, commerce, industry and hospitality business. The specialists of the company are providing a high-qualified system support, project management and system integration of large projects.

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  Balkan Services Ltd

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Balkan Services Ltd. is a private Bulgarian consulting company that provides services and software solutions for effective management. Customers of the company are some of the largest manufacturing companies, bank, service and IT companies. The company provides a comprehensive and integrated set of consulting services and IT products for different business fields such as: Financial solutions, Manufacturing companies, Trading companies, Retail companies, Construction companies.

Service Areas:

  • ERP - Design, Implementation and Support of complete Enterprise Resource Planning solutions
  • BI/DWH - Design, Implementation and Support of Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing & Decision Support Systems
  • Specific solutions for leasing and factoring companies
  • IT Audit, Business Continuity Planning
  • Complete solutions for Project Management - Primavera Project Management
  • Specific solutions for construction companies - Project Cost Control ERP
  • Complete solutions for insurance brokers
  • Complete development and management of project proposals under the Structural and Pre-Accession funds of the EU, as well as other programmes of the European Community.
    Partnership offer


The main objective of Unisoft Bulgaria AD is the development of a steady network of partners, who are able to offer, sell, implement and maintain the integrated information system Atlantis ERP with or without Unisoft help.
Unisoft Bulgaria AD aims at making the integrated information system Atlantis ERP popular and expanding its market share in order to increase the number of Atlantis ERP installations in Bulgaria.


Unisoft Bulgaria AD partnership offer is divided into two main levels according to partner's share:


The copyright and the exclusive right of usage over the information system Atlantis ERP /the existing or upgraded in future/ belong to Unisoft Bulgaria AD.


The Partner acquires the non-exclusive right to represent Unisoft Bulgaria AD as a Mediator, gaining a percentage from the Atlantis ERP contract between Unisoft Bulgaria AD and the Client. In this case the Partner is not a side in the contract and does not participate in the implementation, users education and the maintenance of the information system.


The partner acquires the non-exclusive right to represent Unisoft Bulgaria AD as a Dealer, gaining a percentage of the Atlantis ERP contract between Unisoft Bulgaria AD, Partner and Client or between Partner and Client. The Partner gains also a percentage of the system maintenance contract (if there is such a contract).
As a Dealer the Partner is able to implement the information system Atlantis ERP together with Unisoft Bulgaria AD or alone. The roles of Unisoft Bulgaria AD and the Partner is determined according to each particular case.
The Partner should have a number of professionals (minimum three) at his disposal who should be trained to implement and operate with the integrated information system Atlantis ERP and should sit for an examination to acquire a Certificate that guarantee their knowledge of the system.


Unisoft Bulgaria AD will place at Partner's disposal all advertising materials related to Atlantis ERP.
Unisoft Bulgaria AD can launch advertising campaigns, participate in forums and expositions together with the Partner in order to make Atlantis ERP more popular.
Unisoft Bulgaria AD offers training for Partner's employees (for Unisoft ERP Partner and Unisoft Certified ERP Partner) to get familiar with Atlantis ERP functionality, sales methods and the company's marketing strategies, in order to establish successful partnership relations between the two companies.
Unisoft Certified ERP Partner's employees will obtain more detailed training in order to get familiar with the requirements analysis and system parameterisation procedures in order to acquire a Certificate for knowledge of Atlantis ERP.
Unisoft Bulgaria AD will give the Partner access to the corresponding documentation /technical specifications, procedures description, etc./ that will be used as a supplementary means in the system implementation at end users'.


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