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  Pharmaceutical distribution company

One of our most complex implementations is one of the biggest pharmaceutical distribution companies in Romania.

With 14 branches, over 80 users on line (leased lines - terrestrial communications), over 4000 documents per day, 8,000 items on stock, over 10,000 active customers and a great deal of customisation (bonded warehouse, lots, expiry dates, automated prices according to the Ministry of Health regulations and inflation factors related, gifts, promotions, etc) the crash test we performed showed:

In the course of two hours, more than 4500 documents have been recorded;
The browser for Customer, Items displayed the result in 0.5 - 1 s;
The average time in posting a document was less than 1s;
The average packet loss over the communication lines was close to 7%;
The average network reply time (using ICMP packets of 16 bytes) was around 100ms;
The maximum network reply time (ICMP) in full load was less than 2000ms;
The amount of memory used by the database server was 1.7 GB (1 GB RAM+0.7 GB swap);
The maximum database server processors load was less than 15% in peak times and around 4% on average;
The amount of memory used by the application servers was less than 0.3 GB;
The average applications servers processors load was less than 60%;
The machines used in the tests were powered by HP. The database server have 4 Xeon processors at 500 MHz and 1 GB RAM. The application servers have 2 Pentium III processors at 500MHz and 1 GB RAM;
The bandwidth provided was varying between 32 and 128 clear channel, differentiated by size of the branch.

The tests performed on the same hardware and communication infrastructure using Terminal Services revealed an overall increase in performance, easy update procedures and management of the WAN.


Find below a case study of the biggest ATLANTIS ERP installation in "HEBROS BANK" - one of the biggest bank institutions in Bulgaria.

System Description:

  • Operating System: WINDOWS 2000
  • Regime: on-line

UNISOFT ATLANTIS Full Edition Business:

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Fixed Assets Management? BUDGETS

Special features:

  • Data migration from existing applications using multiple import scripts;
  • Creation of additional functionality for automatic accounting operations concerning current admission of expenses for future periods;
  • Interface with the existing banking system Flexcube;
  • Contractors' payable process automatization - development of data export application for money orders from ATLANTIS ERP to the banking system (LOBIS - FLEX CUBE);
  • Development of additional functionality for the MIS integration of "HEBROS BANK" (HEBROS INTRANET);
  • New user menus creation for simplifying user's activities.


  • Successful replacement of several DOS & WINDOWS based financial management applications with IIS ATLANTIS ERP.
  • Data centralization from all remote branches into united information system;
  • Opportunity for integration with any other application (FO software, Payroll, Web/Intranet applications etc.), additional functionalities as well;
  • United working environment, business processes unification, creation of internal company procedures, application of united accounting practices for all the branches.

Work Stations: 30
Location: Sofia, Plovdiv, V. Tarnovo
Project's Initiation: March 2003
Project Duration: 80 working days
Project Status: Operating


Find below a case study of ATLANTIS ERP implementation in "MEVGAL BULGARIA EOOD" - the most complex project with the outsourcing services, the ERP implementation, the milk collection automatization as well as the creation of procedures for business processes automatization in the very IT modernized dairy company in Bulgaria.

System Description:

  • Operating System: Windows XP Home edition
  • Regime: LAN
  • Remote access via Internet

UNISOFT ATLANTIS Full Edition Business:

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Fixed Assets Management? Production Management
  • Payroll
  • GAL PC

Special features Turn-key IT project:

    • Accounting management - successfully implemented
    • Financial Management - successfully implemented
    • Fixed Assets Management - successfully implemented
    • Payroll - successfully implemented
    • Production Management - will be implemented soon.
    • Hardware supply and installation
    • Financial and fiscal-accounting services and consultancies
    • Customs services and coordination
    • Internet services - company domain name registration & presence in Internet
    • Production v Technologies & Production control levels
    • Laboratory control
    • Sanitary-hygiene requirements.
  • AUTOMATED MOBILE ACCOUNTING SYSTEM FOR MILK COLLECTION - GAL PC/GAL PSION - the first, implemented in Bulgaria, solution for milk collection process automatization
    • Milk Collection Software translation & localization (GAL for PC and GAL for mobile terminals PSION)
    • Implementation and live run of PC GAL and GAL for PSION
    • Milk collection process automatization using mobile terminals PSION that collect the milk from the milk producers into Milk Collection Stations and then export the stored data to PC GAL, integrated in the dairy company MEVGAL BULGARIA.
    • Data import/export from/to ATLANTIS ERP from/to PC GAL.
    • Training of milk collection employees in 17 Milk Collection Stations.
    • Training for milk cistern drivers and the responsible persons in the Milk Collection Stations.
    • Adaptation of the ATLANTIS ERP to the specific milk collection needs and to the particularities of the PSION`s milk collection software.
    • Preparation/parameterisation/training/start up.
    • Interface creation for a connection/data transfer between UNISOFT ATLANTIS ERP and PC GAL. The system was put into operation on 01.06.2003.


  • Service of all business activities by united information system. Data centralization into united information systems of Milk Collection Stations, in/out control, milk collection criteria, milk bye up, supplier's payable.
  • Outsourcing services for processing accounting-financial data, business consultancies, and general administrative services aimed to assure non-problematic company operations.
  • Maximum automatization of business processes by initiating rules and procedures in each operational and managerial level.
  • Cooperation in the dairy branch automatization and modernization process in Bulgaria.

ATLANTIS ERP workstations: 10
GAL workstations: 17
Location: Velingrad
Project's Initiation: 02.08.2002
Project Status: Operating


Find below a case study of ATLANTIS ERP Retail implementation in "BALKAN YES TEAM" - the official representative of NIKE in Bulgaria.

System Description:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional
  • Regime: Both on-line & off line

UNISOFT ATLANTIS Full Edition Business:

  • Financial Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Retail

Special features:

  • Export of new items (ASCI files) from the Headquarters in Greece to the central branch in Sofia.
  • Regular exports of data - items and their retail prices, depending on the requirements, from the central branch in Sofia to the retail stores.
  • Automatic actualisation after receiving the data.
  • Daily file transfer (by e-mail) of the commercial activities information to the central branch in Sofia.
  • Database verification and actualisation of the received data, resending procedure to the headquarters in Greece.
  • Automatic actualisation via file transfer (items availability information by warehouses, forms for item movements, turnover by stores etc).
  • Multiple import/export data transfer scripts.
  • Interface with barcode scanners and cash registers. System actualisation after retail sales with card payments.
  • New user menus in the Retail application for simplifying user activities.
  • Usage of the same working business model in NIKE - ROMANIA.


  • Data centralization from remote branches/stores into united information system. All business activities are serviced by united information system.
  • Automatic file transfer.
  • Trilingual functionality (GR/BG/RO). Updated items availability information for every retail store.
  • Application of flexible commercial discounts according to customer categories, turnover, seasonal items, item groups etc. Import cost pricing, customs classes, and exchange rates.
  • Usage of unified codification, barcodes and item names according to NIKE requirements.
  • Creation of internal company procedures, application of united commercial scenarios in all retail stores.
  • Monitoring of items by colour/size under the same item number.
  • Necessary control is made aimed to prevent users from re-entering information and making mistakes.

Work Stations: 8
Location: Athens - HQ, Sofia - central office, Accounting House, 2 stores
Project's Initiation: 16.04.2002
Project Status: Operating


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